2018 Circuit & Location Driver Requirements Event Meter Select Event
10 - 11
Motorsport Ranch (Cresson)
1.7 Clockwise
Spots open in Green & Red (1st & 4th level) run grps. Pending Sell Out in Blue & Yellow run grps, sign up under NO OBLIGATION and we'll notify you ASAP if a spot opens.
10 - 11
Houston MSR
2.4 mile Direction Not Yet Determined
Registration Opens Jan 08th 9:00AM
24 - 25
Motorsport Ranch (Cresson)
3.1 Big Track
Registration Opens Jan 29th at 9:00 AM
2018 1st quarter Edge Track Tour

Event Notes:

  • Meter % indicates total registered and is NOT run group specific, some run groups sell out faster than others.
  • Green, Blue and Yellow Drivers: $375, Yellow Solo & Red Solo Approved The Drivers Edge Solo Drivers: discount $325
  • Track direction and length subject to change.

The Drivers Edge Cancellation Policy
Non-Transferable. Non-Refundable

Credit Options: Credit towards another event will be issued in the following cases:

A) If you cancel 30 days before an event we will credit 100% of your entry fee towards another event

B) *If you cancel 29 - 18 days before an event we will credit 50% of your entry fee towards another event.

C) *If you cancel 18 - 3 days before the event no credit will be issued.

D) If you cancel 3 - 0 days before the event NO credit will be issued.

*Exception to the policy:
In case of B or C, if we have a participant on stand-by that can fill your spot you will receive 75% credit towards another event.


  • Any and all credit issued will be only valid for the following 12 months of date issued.
  • Track events/schools run in the rain or shine, rain is a very good learning tool.

Texas World Speedway - College Station, Texas

TWS was built in 1969 and is one of only seven Super Speedways of two miles or greater in the U.S., the others being Indianapolis, Daytona, Pocono, Talladega, California, and Michigan. Thus, TWS is the only Super Speedway in the Southwest. TWS is located on approximately 600 acres on Highway 6 south of College Station, A long a fast 2.9 mile 14 turn road race circuit. One of everyone’s favorite racetrack.

Motor Sports Ranch - Cresson, Texas

An Exclusive Private Club racetrack in Cresson, TX (20 minutes from Ft.Worth). We have a choice of three different tracks at MSR all challenging & fun. The 1.7 mile 11 turn course can be driven both Clockwise and counter clockwise or 3.1 mile 16 turn with elevation changes adds new challenges to the driving.

Houston MSR - Angelton, Texas

The course can be configured to run both clockwise and counter-clockwise. It features paved runoff areas in all critical braking and exiting zones, and abundant verge area around the entire track. 17 turns combines a balance of slow, medium and high speed corners tied together with a great balance of straights that make a fun and challenging track that is 2.38-mile.

Circuit of the Americas - Austin, Texas

Texas’s Holy Grail of racetracks, with all the glitter and glory and silky smooth surface always run counter-clockwise. A 3.41-mile long 20 technical turns with long straightaways and 130 feet of elevation change combing to make a fun and challenging track that is a must for all more experienced drivers to run. Novice need not apply for this one.

Coming Soon: A New Track to Open in Texas!!