Base Info

First NameTDEAdmin
Club AffiliationClub Affiliation qwe
Driver License8909098098
Cell Phone Number123123
Date of Birth1992-03-27
Medical InformationYes
Does your Driver's License have any Restrictions?Yes


What Run Group Level?Red


Circuit of The Americas
COTA 3.4 miles Counter Clockwise2
Eagle Canyon Raceway
"Old" ECR 2.5 miles In both directions7
ECR 1.65 miles (Roller Coaster) Counter Clockwise1
ECR 2.7 miles (Italian Canyon) Counter Clockwise3
Grand Sport Speedway
Hallet Motor Racing Circuit
Hallet 1.8 miles3
Harris Hill Raceway
H2R Counter Clockwise2
Motorsport Ranch Cresson
MSRC 1.3 miles (Small Track) Counter Clockwise1
MSRC 1.7 miles Counter Clockwise20
MSRC 1.7 miles Clockwise20
MSRC 3.1 miles (Big Track) Counter Clockwise10
MSR Houston
HMSR 2.4 miles Counter Clockwise10
HMSR 2.4 miles Clockwise10
Texas Motor Speedway
Roval 2.8 miles (Road Course & Oval Combined) Counter Clockwise4
Infield track 1.3 miles Counter Clockwise1
Texas World Speedway
TWS 2.9 miles Counter Clockwise20
TWS 2.9 miles Clockwise20
OtherRoad Atlanta

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