The goal of The Drivers Edge Charity Fund is to reach individuals experiencing a difficult life situation, whether it is a result of an illness, an accident, or a loss of a loved one. Our experiences allow us to understand and empathize with others in a tough time and we are motivated to make a difference one life at a time.

We are intentional about helping those that are not always assisted by a sponsored organization. Many times it’s not the news worthy story that draws our attention, it is the unnoticed, and they may not have any other source of support.

Charity Donations are collected two ways:

  • Registered driver’s, their family members and their guest are given the opportunity to take a ‘charity’ high-speed ride with one of our Instructors or Approved Advanced Driver during track events.
  • Event participants also have the opportunity to contribute any time, but are not required to give a donation because they registered drivers in the event.

Riders Notes:

  • All rides must be 18 years of age to take part.
  • Charity Donation is $25/ride session.
  • You are welcome to bring your own Helmet as long as it is SNELL MA or SA 2015, if not we will provide you with a loaner helmet.

100% of all donations from each event provides for an individual fund charity distribution.

We also direct charity funds to a few organizations that use all donations in a very efficient and worthy way to impact others. Some of those include:

    • Dallas Can Academy
    • Samaritan Inn Collin County
    • Safe Families for Children
    • On Ramp
    • Us Too
    • Patriot Paws
    • My Possibilities

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