The Drivers Edge Solo-Approved Yellow and Red group drivers Discount/Price Reduction

The Drivers Edge Full Time Solo-Approved YELLOW and RED Run Group Drivers receive a discount/price reduction off the regular event fee.

To be approve full time solo in The Drivers Edge Yellow or Red (3rd and 4th advanced level) run groups, the driver must meet our driver requierments,  expectation and skill sets which will be verified by one or more of our certified in-car instructors on track during Yellow or Red run group sessions.

You are NOT approved SOLO driver if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You are in the Green, Blue or Yellow Non-Solo or Part-Time Solo run groups.
  • You are New To Us…(never been to one of our schools, evaluated under our driver skill set/standards)
  • You have not driven the particular track configuration or track direction we will be running in the event your registered in.
  • You have not run with us in the past 12 months. (we need to re-evaluate you to our ever refining driver skill set/standards)


Because all driving events/organizations, are not the same or do not require the same qualifications, skill sets and or driver standards to become a solo approved driver, the solo discount/price reduction is only given to the drivers who meet the requierments of The Drivers Edge full time solo approved Yellow and Red run group drivers. 

The Drivers Edge is Texas’s benchmark high-performance driving school and has some of the highest driver standards in the industry.

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