Introduction to Car & Track Dynamics

Driver Dynamics:  is a 3-hour comprehensive program tailored for individuals wanting to grasp the introduction of car and track dynamics. This course is crafted to accommodate licensed drivers who are curious about high performance driving but unable to commit to The Drivers Edge 1-day or 2-day high-performance driving schools. This compact program delivers an impactful experience for curious drivers, as participants delve into structured learning in a controlled environment utilizing racetrack facilities that include our road course and skid pad, under the guidance and supervision of our seasoned professional driving instructors. Certified by the MotorSport Safety Foundation, our team ensures the highest standards of safety as enthusiasts gain authentic insights into performance driving, and emerging with newfound confidence and competence. A number of our participants will go on to enroll in our 1 or 2 day high performance driving school, where they can further increase their newly learned knowledge and skills.

Driver Requirements: All drivers with a valid drivers licence from the age of 16 and up. Drivers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

What will we be doing: You will be driving and learning, while utilizing the club racetrack with 2 slalom courses for the lead/follow paced sessions, and the club skid pad for the vehicle dynamic exercises.  

What to bring: Small cooler with bottled water, snacks and sunblock if needed.

What to wear: You’re welcome to wear shorts or jeans, short sleeve T-shirt (natural fibers like 100% cotton) and sunblock during hot months.  Wear sneakers or closed toe shoes; NO flip-flops.  You do NOT need to wear/bring a helmet for this program.

What Vehicle can I bring: We suggest you bring the vehicle you typically drive on a daily basis to benefit the most from this program. Be sure the vehicle is properly maintained and in good running mechanical condition (no leaking fluids or worn out tires).  It is best to arrive with no less than half a tank of gas.  Notes: some sport SUV and Trucks are not allowed. The vehicle height must be less than it’s track width. Please call with any questions if you are unsure if your vehicle qualifies (903) 303-3000.

*PLEASE NOTE*  – When registering, you do not have to answer any of the questions presented on the event page (car number, second driver, ect.).
Simply press “Join this event” when you are ready to join the event and check out. Thank you

MSR Cresson

June 8th, 2024 (registration opens in May)

September 14th, 2024 (registration opens in August)

MSR Houston

June 22nd, 2024 (registration opens in May)

September 21st, 2024 (registration opens in August)

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