Continued Health Protection

UPDATE 6/01/2021 “Continued Health Protection“.    We will notify you of changes as they occur.

  • Approved TDE Red Group driver’s may take their GUEST for a ride under TDE guidelines. 
  • At this time, our Charity Ride Program is suspended, TDE instructors will NOT be giving non-participant rides.
  • Masks are encouraged and those drivers who have an instructor assigned, if either (student or instructor) would prefer wearing a mask, both will need to oblige.
  • Continued social distancing is requested and enforced in meetings and classroom settings. 
  • The only spectators that will be allowed in the facility are guests of registered drivers. No random public spectators allowed in the facility.
  • Drivers may have up to 2 guests at the track.
  • Guests/non-registered drivers, are NOT allowed in classroom sessions.
  • If you are showing/feeling cold and flu-like symptoms please stay home.
  • Thank you for your cooperation and concern for the safety of all.

Contact us with any questions:

What can I expect to gain from attending The Drivers Edge high performance driving school?

Over 26 years of credibility & seamless organization makes Texas’s benchmark high performance driving school. From Advanced driver that wants track time to refine their skills with high level certified instruction to the Novice driver who wants to learn from the best. TDE where the E in HPDE stands for Education. Two full weekend days, Comprehensive driver run group placement, In-Car Certified Instructors and In-Depth Classroom Sessions for all Run Group Levels.  Giving you an unparalleled value/experience while achieving a higher level of driving, a new appreciation for your car and driving awareness that you may not realize existed… all of which you will use every time you get behind the wheel.

Do NOT settle for anything less.

Briefly describe The Drivers Edge event outline?

Prior to Event Time; Drivers are sent several emails with all event information. There is no guesswork on their part. They are informed how to prepare and where and when to be.

Pre Event Time; Drivers are already pre-assigned into one of four different levels of run groups with in-car instructors assigned accordingly.

Each Day; starts out with driver’s meeting. Driver’s take track sessions in their assigned run group in rotational order, plus each run group has classroom sessions each day while not on track.

Over the course of the weekend each driver has a minimum of 8 on-track run sessions plus an additional 2 parade lap sessions, and optional ride sessions when available.

Novice and Intermediate drivers have assigned in-car instructor seated beside them for live feedback, guidance, instruction and evaluation at the end of the course to be able to further guide us in serving your performance driving needs. All drivers have class room sessions throughout the weekend.

Drivers describe The Drivers Edge events as an intense learning experience with seamless organization, challenging yet fun family friendly environment.

Why are The Drivers Edge schools held over 2 days on weekends?

Our many years of experience in this field have proven it takes a minimum of 2 days to comprehend and obtain any lasting and learning value. Another great reason is more track time at a much better value than one day event. It allows more time to enjoy the social atmosphere and new friends you’ll make in our friendly family environment.

May a driver sign up for one day rather than both days?

Yes, if they are SOLO APPROVED by The Drivers Edge in the YELLOW or RED run groups. 

NOTE: not all HPDE’s are held to the same driver evaluation standards, The Drivers Edge has some of the highest standards in the industry. If you’ve new to us/never been evaluated by us… you are NOT SOLO approved.

When do I need to be at the track?

Normal Event Weekends; Saturday and Sunday morning gates open at 7:00 AM at most tracks, Event Sign-In can be done either Friday Night 6:00 to 8:00 PM or Saturday morning at 7:00 AM at the track club house. While it is NOT Mandatory to sign-in on Friday Night, it’s recommended and you will benefit with extra time Saturday morning especially if you’re staying close to the track.  All drivers must attend Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 8:00 AM.

Am I allowed to have guests at the track?


You are welcome to invite guests, friends and family out to the track to spectate. There is no-cost involved and they are welcome to come and go as they please. They can join us and take part in the parade laps during lunch break. Added excitement is they can take a $25 Charity Ride at speed with one of our instructors or approved advance run group drivers.

What should I bring to the track?

For the car: Extra engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, a tire gauge,a torque wrench for wheel lug bolts or nuts. If you don’t bring theses, no worries most track facilities have support shops on site with supplies $$$ window cleaner and paper towels, 3” wide blue or lime green painters masking tape or glass chalk to make car numbers.  You also have an option to order vinyl cut numbers which look better in the pictures.

For You: Lawn chair, box or bag to store your personal items instead of the car, cooler with refreshments, lots of drinking water and sun block.  Come prepared! Bring your own cooler with snacks, fruit and plenty of drinking water. You can get dehydrated no matter what time of the year.


What NOT to bring to the track?

For obvious reasons no alcohol or drugs (including antihistamines or other drugs that make you drowsy) may be consumed during the event. Use of these substances will result in immediate ejection from event.  Please leave all pets at home, most race facilities DO NOT allow pets.

Will there be food available at the track?

Catered in food will be available during lunch time ONLY, prices vary depending on facility/vendor.

Note:  Come prepared! Bring your own cooler with snacks, fruit and plenty of drinking water. You can get dehydrated no matter what time of the year.

Will fuel, tire services and mechanics be available at the track?

Fuel:   Each facility has fuel pumps on site or close by. Note: If you require race fuel be sure to confirm this prior, because different facilities vary on fuel rules, service and availability.

Tire Service: Level of service varies depending on facility.

Mechanic/Shop: Level of service varies depending on facility.

Note: It’s best that you come prepared if you have special needs in these areas…

What should I wear while driving?

It is mandatory for all drivers to wear a helmet, open face or full face SNELL MA or SA 2015 rating or newer rated required.  Rental helmets are available for $25/weekend fee. More Information on our Helmet Requirement:

We recommend you wear long pants and long sleeve shirt, but it is not required. Cotton shirt (T-shirt) and Denim long pants (Jeans). Select a “breathable” cotton or wool fabric, natural fibers no man made fabric.  Thin-soled sneakers; no waffle soles, nothing big and bulky. Drivers of race cars with roll cages are required to wear a minimum of single-layer racing suit.  In between your driving sessions, you may change into more comfortable clothing, such as shorts and T-shirt.  Rest rooms/changing rooms are available at all tracks.

What if I don’t have a helmet?

No worries, The Drivers Edge have rentals available for $25/weekend. If you have your own helmet or would like to buy a new one, they will need to be SNELL SA or MA 2015 (or later) approved to meet our requirements. More Information on our Helmet Requirement:


What is the driver qualifications & minimum age required to participate?

All drivers must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old, with an unrestricted and valid driver’s license. All drivers must NOT have any medical or health or vision issues that will affect your driving abilities that jeopardizes your safety, your instructor or others around you.  

Note: We are well known for being able to handles most issues in this area. Please inform us of any of these issues, so we can better serve you…Examples: diabetes, neck injury, nervous system or motor skills that would affect movement, vertigo, motion sickness, color blindness, vision or health restrictions of any type that will affect your driving ability.

Does The Drivers Edge have a membership fee?

Nope, just the driver registration fee. You only pay when you play.

How is a driver’s run group assignment determined?

Run group placement is based on the driver’s experience, history references, credible driver evaluations and total event demographics.

EXPERIENCED NEW TO US DRIVERS NOTE: Those of you, that already have track or race experience with other organizations please fill in the details on your registration/driver profile. We will take all information you provide into account when determining your run group placement and evaluate you at the event/school with our in-car instructors to confirm placement and/or to determine if you qualify solo under our standards. NOTE: All HPDE driving schools/event organizations ARE NOT THE SAME and do not require the same level of qualifications for specific run groups and or solo approval.  The Drivers Edge driver standards, skill sets & criteria for driver run group levels and solo-approved qualifications are some of the highest in the industry. 

*NOTE: The Drivers Edge will make the final determination of each driver’s run group placement. 

Will I have an assigned instructor?

Yes, we do NOT allow the driver to determine if they are solo or not. ONLY we (The Drivers Edge) makes that determination after you are approved to the Yellow (level 3) run group and you meet our skill sets and knowledge required to be solo approved.  We instruct in all 4 of our run group levels where needed, not just 1 or 2 run groups. The Drivers Edge assigns in-car instructors to all drivers who are in the Green (level 1), Blue (level 2), Yellow (level 3)*non-solo approved advanced, Red (level 4) advanced new to us non-solo approved.  For further explanation see the next FAQ “Why does the instructor have to ride with me on track?”

Note: if your car does NOT have a second seat please call 903 303-3000.

Why does the instructor ride with me while I’m driving on track?

This is the best way to learn is instant feedback. Our instructors not only teach, coach and guide you they also evaluate you. We keep records of your evaluation so we can better serve you next time we see you. Realize not all organizations provide the quality and level of expertise that our instructor staff has the ability to do with our guidance.

Can I drive my car without instructor in-car "SOLO"?

Only after you are solo approved/certified by The Drivers Edge thru in-car instructor evaluation in our Yellow (3rd level advanced) and Red (4th level advanced) run groups.

Note: The Drivers Edge standards, driver criteria, skill sets and track awareness requirements for drivers to be solo approved/certified are some of the highest in the industry.  The Drivers Edge will make the final determination of each driver’s run group placement and solo status thru creditable evaluation history. 

What if I want to drive on track without an instructor or don't have a 2nd seat in my track car?

Unless you are previously The Drivers Edge Approved to a Solo Advanced run group, you will not be allowed to drive on the track without an instructor until you’re signed off solo. This provides you with the maximum opportunity to learn. Certain experience proven students do receive a sign-off from their instructor to go solo, but only after the instructor is confident of his or her ability to drive the car safely at higher speeds, alone.

EXPERIENCED NEW TO US DRIVERS NOTE: Those of you, that already have track or race experience with other organizations please fill in the details on your registration. We will take all information you provide into account when determining your run group placement and evaluate you at the event/school with our in-car instructors to confirm placement and or to determine if you qualify solo under our standards. NOTE: All HPDE driving schools/event organizations ARE NOT THE SAME and do not require the same level of qualifications for specific run groups and or solo approval.  The Drivers Edge standards for solo-approved qualifications are one of the highest in the industry.  If you have any question please contact us. 903 303-3000.

May two drivers share one car?

Yes, as long as they are assigned to 2 different level run groups. Many couples, parent and sibling or just friends have done this to share the learning experience. 

Note: We will not split one run group driver position between two driver’s, this just doesn’t work and ends up diminishing track time and learning experience for both drivers.

Example: two drivers of the same driving level (both novice) want to share a car, they will have to draw straws and one will have to go thru a 2 day school first and then get promoted into the next level run group. This will allow both drivers to share the same car the next event. 

We do NOT allow two drivers to share a car in the same run group because it creates a safety risk and learning difficulties to each driver considering they would only get 1/2 the track time & coaching from our in-car instructors.

Please call or contact us with any questions: 903 303-3000,

Can drivers take passengers for a ride on the track?

The ONLY drivers that are able to take passengers besides our TDE Instructors are our TDE APPROVED RED run group level drivers as long as our requirements and safety standards are meet by car, driver and passenger.

All other drivers & run groups can NOT take passengers at speed.  However all drivers can take riders during lunch time low speed parade laps.


How do Charities benefit from The Drivers Edge ride program?

100% of the donations from each event are donated to an individual fund or charity. We also have a few select charity organizations that use all donations in a very efficient and worthy way to impact others. Such as: World Vision, Feed The Children, Veteran’s Group, Dallas Can Academy, Samaritan Inn Colin County to name a few.

Why does my car need to have Tech-Inspection?

To help ensure it’s track worthy and you have a great time in a safe vehicle.  Tech Inspection Form

Note: You (the driver) are responsible for your car’s preparation and reliability in the track environment.

When does the Tech-Inspection have to be done?

You must have a qualified technician complete a Tech-Inspection on the car within the 30 days preceding the event. A second Inspection Verification may be done at the track if we question cars preparation. When you sign in to the event (at the track) you must present your Tech-Inspection form and a copy of your valid driver’s license and proof of insurance if we do not have them on file already. All race cars are required to have “current log book” and self filled out Tech-Inspection form. Note: If your car has fewer than 10,000 miles and less than 2 years old you may fill the tech form out yourself. Note: Our tech inspections are valid for 6 months.   Tech Inspection Form

What if my car doesn't pass the Tech-Inspection?

You can NOT drive your car on the track until it does pass our tech inspection requierments.  Tech Inspection Form

Do I need a certain type of car to attend?

The Drivers Edge is highly qualified to instruct in all types of cars and level of drivers.   “Your performance car needs a performance driver.”

Street Car, Modified Street Car, Track Car or Race Car; are the most common type of cars used at our events. 

Notes for special cars:

Current Race Cars; are allowed for TDE approved advanced (yellow or red run group) drivers.  NOTE: Tech inspection and Log books must be current or you will need to get tech inspection prior event.

Vintage Race Cars; are allowed as long as they can “KEEP PACE” with present day street cars.

*24 hrs Lemon’s & Chump race cars; are NOT-ALLOWED to be used by students.

Open Wheel cars; are NOT-ALLOWED. (Note: open wheel is any car without a structural fender covering and surrounding the driven wheels)

Kit Cars; majority of are NOT-ALLOWED, depends on manufacturer and build quality. 

Spec Racer Fords & Radicals; are NOT-ALLOWED in our student run groups without our written approval.

SUVs: some track facilities do NOT allow, others do and have a simple formula width needs to be bigger than height that applies.

Please, contact us with any questions: 903 303 3000,

Does my non-street legal racecar need insurance?

No, race cars cars are not required to have proof of insurance. 

Note: Whether you have insurance or not, you (the driver) will be responsible for any and all track facility or car damage your are involved in. 

Note: You also have an option to purchase event specific insurance from several different outside sources. Please search the internet for High Performance Driving Event Insurance.

Do I need to use my own car to attend?

While we feel it’s best to learn to drive what you drive, we’ve seen regular rent-a-cars join us at the track. Some drivers who would like more of a track car/race car experience may rent one from a number of different sources with prices ranging from $400 – $2500 per weekend depending on car and source.  

Please call or contact us with any questions: 903 303-3000,

Which Convertibles are allowed?

Are there any Specific Tire rules?

Seat Belts and Restraint Systems Requirements?

Will my insurance cover my car while on track?

This depends on the insurance carrier and your policy.  Some policies remain in force as long as the car is not used in a timed event or non-competitive event held on private property Note: All The Drivers Edge events are non-timed & non-competitive held on private property. If you have concerns we recommend you read your policy before thinking about calling your agent.  Note: If you still have concerns, you also have the option to purchase event specific insurance from several different outside sources, please just search the internet for High Performance Driving Event Insurance. Note: The Drivers Edge events have many tools in place to lessen the risk factor (it is far less of a risk than driving on the public road just getting to the track). All of our events are held on controlled environment (privately owned) race facility with designated controlled passing zone utilizing highly trained in-car instructors and classroom instructional setting.

Note: Whether your insurance covers you or not, you (the driver) are responsible for any and all track facility or car damage your are involved in. 

What are my responsibilities as a driver in this event?

Why are there passing zones?

This is a high performance-driving school, not a racing event! The passing zones exist so that drivers in our lower run groups Green and Blue may execute a pass in a controlled area. We also require a hand point by. The lead car so communication is established between the two drivers before execution of pass.

*Note: Our ADVANCED YELLOW and RED run groups are not held to specific zones and can pass anywhere with a point by.

What if it rains?

You get to learn car control at much lower speeds with less tire wear.  Don’t get discouraged, rain is a very good learning tool for car control.  If you can hone your skills in the rain, you are guaranteed to be even better and smoother in the dry. Some of our driver’s most rewarding events have been during adverse weather conditions.

Note: All track events run in the rain or shine some even in snow flurries. We’ve learned to make the most out of every track event for you.

Is a High Performance Driving Event dangerous?

Any time you drive a car on a race track at speed it can be dangerous…  ESPECIALLY, if the organizer does not do a proper job in protecting the participants and all that are involved or the driver/drivers do not have the proper attitude toward safety and knowledge to perform properly.
We can not speak for other organizations, but The Drivers Edge takes many factors into account and applies many components to ensure the safest event possible for all involved. 
A few factors we take into account:
  • Proper run group placement of each driver, is very important to flow The Drivers Edge keeps and refers back to our driver evaluation/history on every driver we’ve seen for proper placement of that driver and new drivers are all evaluated with in-car instructors.
  • We know who & what we are putting on track.  The Drivers Edge never assumes and never allows a driver (weather they are new to us or not) to determine if they have an instructor or not.   The Drivers Edge determines proper driver placement and if the driver is solo approved after in depth evaluation by more than one of our in-car instructor over a period of time.
  • Proper training of instructors & teaching of students comes into play. The Drivers Edge trains and certifies it’s instructors and continues to train them.  Classroom structure, information and execution of delivery also plays a role in setting the tone and effectiveness of controlling the safety factor of events.
  • Education & knowledge we instill in all of our drivers with our in-car instructors and in depth classroom sessions, give our drivers the tools needed to be safe.  Fun Fact; most don’t know HPDE actually stands for High Performance Driver Education.
  • Track facility itself plays a role. Is there a good amount of runoff room, not many impact zones, width of track itself and is there ample passing zones.  NOTE: A racetrack lined with guardrails and barriers is not a good choice for HPDE.  Add higher speeds and risk of incident goes up substantially.
  • Experience also plays a role in safety factor, The Drivers Edge has over 25 years of experience in the industry with over 340 weekend schools!  More than any other organization in the US with proven credibility and known for our seamless operation.

Safety is our number one priority; anyone deemed to be driving in an unsafe manner or using a car that doesn’t meet our safety standards will be ejected from the event.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Your registration is Non-Transferable & Non-Refundable.

Credit Options: Credit towards another event will be issued in the following cases:
A)  If you cancel 30 days before an event we will credit 100% of your entry fee towards another event.
B) *If you cancel 29 – 18 days before an event we will credit 50% of your entry fee towards another event.
C) *If you cancel 17 – 8 days before the event no credit will be issued.
D)  If you cancel 7 – 0 days before the event NO credit will be issued.
*Exception to the credit options: In case of B or C, if we have a participant on stand-by that can fill your spot you will receive 75% credit towards another event.

  • Any and all credit issued will be only valid for the following 12 months of date issued.
  • The Drivers Edge is not responsible for weather issues. Track events/schools run in the rain or shine, changing weather is a very good learning tool for all drivers and racers.
  • The Drivers Edge is not responsible for your; car failures, travel and or health issues.

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