Convertible/Open Cockpit Rules

(whether the top is up or down or removable hard top on)

All Convertibles are required to have either OEM/Factory Rollover Protection or
approved aftermarket roll over protection (roll bar) that is 1” higher than the driver’s helmet
while seated in a normal driving position, this roll bar must be attached to the vehicle frame.  *Beauty hoops are not approved roll bars.

A simple Height Test involves taking a broom stick and level attached to the broom stick and laying the broom stick on top of the vehicle’s “Rollover Protection” while level and seeing that you are an inch below the broom stick while in a normal driving position with your helmet on.  Note: in some cars the windshield frame (A pillar) is reinforced factory roll over protection. (see below)

Details on Rollover Protection:
Double and Single Roll Hoops, Factory POWER Hard Tops, “A” Pillar Rollover Protection and Factory Rollover Protection Systems (Pop-Up Roll Bars) are all approved as long as they are “factory documented rollover protection” and are above the height requirements. (see above)  Note: single side rollover hoops are only allowed if the driver is solo approved by Drivers Edge and does NOT have a passenger.

Factory Rollover Protection Deployable System: 
Hidden deployable rollover bars behind the front seats that deploy automatically if sensors detect an impending rollover.
Note: Many Porsche & BMW & other convertibles have these (pop-up roll bars). If you question yours please use the internet or contact a factory representative to check on factory documented information on your convertible if you are unsure.

Factory Rollover Protection:
The standard factory rollover protection is a roll bar or hoops stationary and placed behind the front seats.  Also note, many cars are known to have reinforced front windshield frames “A pillar” as factory rollover protection. (see list below)

* It is the driver’s responsibility to provide this proof with factory documented rollover protection.

Aftermarket roll bars are required to be able to at a minimum sustain the vehicles weight and are at least 1” above the height requirements. (driver’s helmet)

* It is the driver’s responsibility to provide documented proof that the aftermarket rollover protection (roll bars) does meet the requirements stated above.

Important Notes:

  • SCCA & NASA approved roll bars are all acceptable.
  • Drivers of cars with their tops down should consider wearing eye protection, glasses or sunglasses.
  • Fiberglass hardtops or any other convertible hard top do not provide structural protection thus they are not approved rollover protection.
  • The Height Test may be re-checked at the track and if you and you DO NOT
    pass this test you will forfeit your registration fee and not be able to run
    the event. Convertible Passengers: need to be 1” or more below the approved roll bar.

Specific Automobile Model Information on Convertibles, Roadsters, Cabriolets & Spiders:

Note:  If you do not see the car in-question please use the internet or other reliable sources to check on factory documented information on your convertible.

* It is the driver’s responsibility to provide this proof with factory documented rollover protection.

List of topless cars known to have factory rollover protection that are approved to run.

Audi TT, A4, S4, A5, S5 & R8

Aston Martin *1998-present

Bentley Continental

BMW Z4 & Z3, 3 series, 6 series, M series *1998-present

Bugatti Veyron

Corvette C6 and newer are approved

Camaro 2011-present

Dodge Viper SRT-10 *2004-present

Ferrari 360, 430 & California

Jaguar *1998-present

Honda S2000 & NSX

Lamborghini Gallardo, Murcielago, Diablo, LP560, LP640 roadsters, Performante

Mazda Miata NC & ND *2006‐2015, 2016-

Mercedes S, SLK and CLK Convertible

Mini & S

Nissan 350/370Z

Porsche Carrera GT, Boxster, Spider, 996 & 997

Volkswagen Eos & Beetle

*Kit Cars of all types, please look at manufacturing documentation.

*Any car with documented production factory rollover protection.

List of known topless cars that do NOT have “factory roll over protection” and would be required to “add approved rollover protection” to run.

BMW Z3 1996-97 without factory roll over hoops (1998 and newer are approved to run)

Camaro Convertible Pre-2012

Corvette Convertible up to C5 Pre-2005  not approved  (C6 and newer are approved to run)

Dodge Viper RT Convertible 1992-2003 (SRT 2004 and newer are approved to run)

Firebird Convertible

Mazda Miata  NB 1990‐2005  (2006 and newer are approved to run)

Mustang all models Convertible

Lexus SC 430 Convertible

Porsche 993 Cabriolet, pre‐1998 Porsche 996 (air‐cooled)

Pontiac Solstice & GXP

Saturn Sky

Toyota Solaris

*Special Notes: T Top versions of these cars are allowed.

*Kit Cars of all types, please look at manufacturing documentation.

Find out more information on new U.S. laws pertaining to rollover protection.!documentDetail;D=NHTSA-2008-0015-0001

After weeding through all this information, if you are unsure whether your convertible meets the safety requirements, you’re always welcome to contact us before signing up.

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