THE DRIVERS EDGE Red Run Group Rider’s Program

*Due to COVID-19 we are not doing Charity Rides or Red Group Rider Program at this time. *The Drivers Edge Solo Approved/Certified (Red) Advanced Run Group Drivers are allowed to take guest and participants for rides during their run sessions if they, their car, and the passenger meet our following safety requirements.

Red Run Group Ride Approved Driver Guidelines:

  • Must be solo approved/certified Red Run Group by The Drivers Edge on the particular track.
  • Each driver will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Passenger and Driver must have SNELL 2010 or newer approved Helmets that fit properly.
  • Passengers must be over 18 and have proof. i.e. valid driver’s license.
  • All riders that are NOT registered drivers in the event are required to make a $25 charitable donation toward our chosen charity. They must also sign a risk release waiver and hand in there donation to grid personal at the Grid where the rider will be issued a ride wristband. That rider is allowed to ride with approved driver for a run session or sessions for that day. It will be another $25/day charitable donation if the rider wants to also catch rides the next day.
  • Registered drivers that ride in Red run group are not required to make a donation, but can if they want to.
  • Donations to the fund are welcome from any participant at any time.

Ride Approved Car Requirements:

  • Both Passenger and Driver seats must have the same level of safety. i.e. seat/race belts, seat/race seats.
  • Seat Belt must be adjusted and secure hold in passenger.
  • Convertibles: need approved roll bar that is 1″ over driver and riders helmets.
  • Both Driver and Riders windows must remain down.

Final Notes:

  • Drivers & your passengers, Please shows up at the grid way ahead of your run time so all arrangements and requirements can be met, before run time.
  • Any driver that has recently been promoted to the Red Run Group is NOT automatically allowed to take riders until your on track behavior is further approved by The Drivers Edge.
  • The Drivers Edge has final say and has the right for any reason to refuse rider privileges to any driver, car or passenger.
  • 100% of the donations go to our selected charity. Over the past years The Drivers Edge has provided and gathered donations over $38,000. To find out more on The Drivers Edge charity funds and donation ride program please go here.

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