Seat Belts and Restraint Systems Requirements:

Street legal vehicles:

The vehicle’s stock factory seats and seat belts are allowed for all street legal vehicles that are being used on the track as long as they meet the minimum requirement of 3 point with a retracting/locking vehicle’s system.

If you would like to use an approved 4 point system the only acceptable option for using a 4 point safety belt system is if they are equipped with automatic anti-submerge provision…retracting/locking vehicle’s system…otherwise known as Auto Control, designed with inertia reel to allow you to lean forward under normal circumstances and will lock you down as soon as sudden movement is detected. is the only company we know of that make such a belt.
(note: 4 point safety belts are deemed unsafe because of no anti-submerge provision or active tensioning.)

May run approved 5 or 6 point race safety belts, as long as they are properly mounted. (note: links below)

May run with approved race seats, but must be accompanied by approved 5 or 6 point safety belts properly mounted. (note: links below)

Non-street legal and or Race vehicles:

Are required to have approved race seats and approved 5 or 6 point safety belts properly mounted. (note: links below)

Important Notes for All Vehicles used on the track:

All vehicles that will have instructors or passengers riding must have equal or better safety equipment for both driver and passenger, this goes for seats and seat belt system. *all properly mounted.

Note: 4 point safety belts which are “not equipped with automatic anti submerge provision” are deemed unsafe because of no submerge provision or active tensioning and are not allowed.

Seat mounting and mounts for both sides MUST be secured with grade 8 or above bolts and hard mounted on all 4 corners. We do NOT recommend you mount race seats on top of the factory seat slides, this raises the seat too high and makes it close to impossible for a normal sized human to sit in car safely…Note. The lower the seat in the car the better for occupants.

If you’re a “Drivers Edge” solo approved driver, you do not need to have a second seat in the vehicle or one with the same safety requirements, as long as you DO NOT have a passenger or Instructor riding with you.

Please Review these two web articles for all your questions:

Restraint system information & mounting guide, 
by Schroth:

by Ultra Shield:

Please feel free to call with any questions 903 303-3000.

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