Motorsport Ranch 3.1 mile “BIG TRACK”, 16 turns (Cresson, TX) Nov. 04-05, 2023

November 4, 2023 7:00 am
November 5, 2023 5:00 pm
Registration Opens Sep 26th at 10:00AM

2 full day of High-performance driving at its best. In-car instruction & in-depth classroom sessions for the Novice Driver through Advanced to Racers who wants to learn more about the Art of High Performance Driving.

Race Track & Location:

Motorsport Ranch 3.1 mile “BIG TRACK”, 16 turns (Cresson, TX) Nov. 04-05, 2023

Counter Clockwise

Note: RV and motorhomes are allowed to stay overnight at the track, but there are no hook-ups only public bathrooms.

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Event Details

The Drivers Edge is an unparalleled value and experience allowing you to achieve a higher level of performance driving, and gain a new appreciation for your car, and driver awareness that you may not realize existed.  Two full days of High Performance Driving School utilizing a true racetrack facility, certified in-car instructors to coach and evaluate your driving coupled with in-depth classroom sessions to round out a complete program of learning done in an exciting way.  Join us to see what the art of high performance driving is all about.

*All HPDE’s driving schools/track days/event organizations ARE NOT THE SAME and do not require the same level of qualifications for specific run groups and or solo approval.  The Drivers Edge standards for run group levels and solo approved qualifications are one of the highest in the industry.  

Notes: TDE drivers approved SOLO in Yellow & Red run groups receives event fee discount/price reduction.      If any of the following conditions apply, you are “NOT” approved TDE Yellow or Red Solo driver:

  • You have not been evaluated or approved by TDE and only qualify for our Green, Blue, Yellow non-solo run groups
  • You are “New To Us” (never run with us & been evaluated under our standards/skill sets)
  • You have not driven this events, specific track or configuration and or direction.
  • You have not driven with us in over 12 Months (you will need to be reevaluated).
  • We assess that you are in need or want further in-car instruction.

Questions on driver’s run group placement?  From FAQ;  How is driver’s run group placement determined?  The Drivers Edge Run group placement is based on the driver’s experience, history references, valid creditable driver evaluations and total event demographics.

Experienced “New To Us” driver’s, that already have track or race experience with other organizations please fill in the details on your TDE driver profile, we will verify all credible information & take into account when determining your run group placement and evaluate you at the event/school with our in-car instructors to confirm proper run group placement and or to determine if solo qualified under our standards. 

*Further Information for “New To This/Us” driver’s can all be found in the FAQ section of the site

Note, The Drivers Edge will make the final determination of each driver’s run group placement. If you have any question please contact us. 903 303-3000.

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7- SATURDAY ONLY (TDE approved SOLO) Yellow or Red, 8- SUNDAY ONLY (TDE approved SOLO) Yellow or Red, 1- Green Run Group Driver (level 1 beginner or little experience, instructed), 2- Blue Run Group Driver (level 2 intermediate, instructed), 3- Blue P/T solo Run Group Driver (level 2 intermediate part-time, instructed), 4- Yellow P/T solo Run Group Driver (level 3 advanced part-time, instructed), 5- Yellow SOLO Run Group Driver (level 3 advanced SOLO approved by TDE), 6- Red SOLO Run Group Driver (level 4 most advanced SOLO approved by TDE)




Saturday 6:30AM Gates Open

7:00AM Event Sign In Opens

8:00AM Drivers Meeting

8:30AM Track goes Hot (with run group rotations & classroom sessions)

Approximately 12:45 (30 minute Lunch Break)

5:30PM Track Cold

Sunday 6:30AM Gates Open

7:10AM Church Service

8:00AM Drivers Meeting

8:30AM Track goes Hot (with run group rotations & classroom sessions)

Approximately 12:45 (30 minute Lunch Break)

5:00PM Track Cold

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