Drivers' Responsibilities and Liabilities

Safety is our number one priority and it should be yours too.


All drivers must review all pre-event emails/information, to insure they are properly prepared for this fun and exciting learning experience.

All drivers must review and obey The Drivers Edge Tire Rules and Seat Belts and Restraint System Rules.

All cars must be tech inspected per The Drivers Edge Tech Sheet.  Note: the driver is solely responsible for getting the tech inspection done properly and the car is maintained properly and is up to TDE standards prior to the event date.  Any car found not properly inspected or is not safe, will not be allowed on track.  Tech Inspection

All drivers must study The Drivers Edge Corner Worker Flags and Protocol. (included in pre-event email information)

All drivers must notify The Drivers Edge of any medical or physical conditions that would impair or create safety issues; these include conditions like physical motor skills, vision, focus, depth perception, vertigo, mental processing, speech and or hearing issues. In many cases, we can make provisions for these issues. Note: You must notify The Drivers Edge of any of these issues prior to registering.


Note:  This is a Copy of Liability Waiver you will need to sign to enter the facility and participate in this event: Event Waiver.pdf

Anyone deemed to be driving in an unsafe manner will be ejected.  This is not a race.

All drivers must ask questions if something is not understood and obey directions given by TDE Staff, Instructors and Corner Worker Flags to help insure a smooth and safe event.

The Drivers Edge Passing Rules:

We require a hand signal point, by the lead car to communicate to the following car before a pass may be executed. Normally all run with both driver and passenger windows rolled down for safety reasons. In the event of heavy rain, we will go to windows rolled up and the lead driver signal a pass by using the car’s turn signal indicators. Only The Drivers Edge determines the window up decision.

In a passing situation, the lead driver must give a hand signal first, to indicate when to pass and on which side to pass.

Once a pass is granted, it is the responsibility of the lead car driver to help the pass happen. It is also the responsibility of the overtaking driver to complete a safe pass. The driver wishing to pass may not pressure someone in a non-passing zone to let them by.  Maintain a reasonable distance between you and the car you want to pass, until you enter the passing zone.

This is a high-performance driving school, not a racing event. The Drivers Edge Green, Blue and Yellow run groups’ passing zones exist so that drivers may execute a pass in a controlled area (straight-a-ways), only when given a “point- by”.   Our Red run group (most advanced) are not held to specific passing zones and may pass anywhere with a “point-by” given by the lead car.

We will insist that all rules be followed to the letter for a safe and smooth event. Anyone violating safety rules will be asked to leave.

Note:  If an incident happens during the event, the drivers involved in an incident are solely responsible for any and all failure or damages to their car, any other car involved, and/or any damage done to the track facility, property and/or persons.  The only insurance covering drivers and their vehicles at the facility is their own personal insurance; therefore, you may want to consider purchasing a specific track use insurance policy. More information about track specific insurance can be found by searching on the internet under HPDE Insurance.



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